Zero Value Bug Found in Bitcoin Ordinals Program: Super Testnet Investigates

• Super Testnet, an independent freelance software developer, discovered a bug in the Bitcoin Ordinals program on May 5.
• The bug had zero input and output values and could affect all inscriptions after it.
• The bug prompted the Bitcoin maximalists to participate in a challenge which could reward 10,000 sats if successful.

Super Testnet Discovers Bug in Bitcoin Ordinals Program

Super Testnet, a bitcoin-focused independent freelance software developer, found a bug in the Ordinals program on May 5. The program’s inscription No. 349272 had zero value in input and output but could be programmed into a number. Debugging it would likely affect all inscriptions after 3492721, so Super Testnet released a tool for increasing the off-by-one error in ordinal theory with instructions for installation and usage. If unsuccessful, participants would lose 10k sats as warned by Super Testnet.

Bitcoin Maximalists Participate In Challenge

English-speaking Bitcoin maximalists have shown readiness to participate in the challenge despite the risk of losing 10,000 sats if unsuccessful. This testing focuses on opposing inscription activities on layer 1 of Bitcoin space as well as design elaboration for Spacechain sidechain with suggestion of transferring inscriptions to layer 2.

Ordinals Protocol Reaches New All-Time High

The bug was identified barely two days after Bitcoin’s daily transactions unlocked a new all-time high with over 3 million Ordinals inscriptions. This surge was mostly due to launching the BRC-20 token standard which allows users to issue transferable NFTs through network directly leading to meme tokens market capitalization increase up to $137 million on May 2nd .

Potential Impact Of Bug Fixing On Insciptions

Debugging this bug would likely affect all inscriptions after 3492721 so it is important that it is fixed carefully without compromising security or privacy of users who are using these services . Moreover , changing code can lead to change of behavior pattern and results which might be risky but necessary at times .


Overall , finding this bug has demonstrated that blockchain technology has great potential when used wisely and securely . Therefore , developers should pay attention while coding applications and protocols so that they don’t experience issues like those discussed here .