Personal information on 142 million MGM guests is on the Dark Web

In 2019, a data breach was reported from MGM Resorts, however, it appears to be much more serious than previously thought. Now, guests’ personal data is sold on the Dark Web.

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Violation of privacy
For those who have never heard of MGM Resorts, it is an American hospitality and entertainment company that operates in different destinations such as Las Vegas, Detroit, New Jersey, among others.

However, last year there were reports of a possible leak of private data from their guests. The issue now is that it appears that the leak was much more serious than was thought.

142 million pieces of personal data on the Dark Web

Researchers recently reported that they found 142 million pieces of personal data on former guests of the MGM Resorts hotel chain for sale on the Dark Web.

“Currently, a hacker is selling details of 142 million MGM hotel guests in a cyber crime marketplace on the Dark Web,” Catalin Cimpanu’s Tweet said.

To be more specific, according to the report published by ZDNet, an ad was found where 142,479,937 details of “MGM Grand Hotels” guests are being sold for the oddly specific price of $2,939.

It is also important to note that payment for the information will be made in either Bitcoin Loophole or Monero, both of which are commonly used on the Dark Web.

You’re probably asking yourself, “How was this possible? It turns out that the hacker seems to have reported that he obtained the hotel’s guest data after violating DataViper, a data leakage monitoring service operated by Night Lion Security.

However, according to the ZDNet report, Night Lion Security claims never to have had a copy of MGM’s client database. Consequently, the firm claims that hackers want to ruin the company’s reputation with the hotel chain.