MetaMask Warns of Fake Airdrop Claims: Stay Vigilant!

• MetaMask has warned its customers about “false rumors” about a non-existent airdrop that has been circulating on social media.
• The warnings were issued after Joe Lubin emphasized his company’s plans to decentralize MetaMask and distribute a token.
• There was a surge of interest in MetaMask following the reports of an airdrop back in November 2021.

MetaMask Warns About Fake Airdrop Claims

Operator of the web3 wallet known as MetaMask has warned its customers about “false rumors” regarding a non-existent airdrop that has been spreading on social media. They mentioned “quite a few false rumors” about an upcoming snapshot or airdrop taking place on March 31st, amidst controversies surrounding recent airdrops.

Rumors Triggered by Joe Lubin’s Speech

The new reports may be linked to the “fireside chat” session by ConsenSys CEO and Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin which took place on March 14th at ETHDenver 2023. During this session, he highlighted his company’s efforts to decentralize MetaMask and stated their plans to distribute tokens. This led to an increase in activity on Metamask due to people believing there would be an imminent airdrop.

Warning Against Fake Sites

MetaMask team issued the warning against false rumors and encouraged users to be aware of fake sites that may appear in the days ahead. They also reminded everyone that these rumors are not only false but dangerous as they provide opportunities for scammers and phishers who could take advantage of unsuspecting users.

Similar Surge Amidst Previous Airdrops

This is not the first time there is such an increase in interest surrounding MetaMask due to reports of an impending token distribution – it had occurred before during Ethereum Name Service’s (ENS) recent airdrops and later when Lubin made his announcement about tokens being distributed from his company.

MetaMask Launches Mobile V6 for Increased User Control & Privacy

Following these developments, MetaMask recently launched Mobile V6 for more user control and privacy – allowing individuals greater autonomy over their digital assets stored within their wallets or other smart contracts connected with them through dapps (decentralized apps).