Invest in AI Start Ups with InQubeta and Earn Lucrative Returns!

• InQubeta is a crypto project that enables fractional investments in AI startups, with a presale of its ERC-20 token, QUBE, raising over $1.5 million.
• Axie Infinity recently launched its card game on the Apple App Store but has yet to gain traction due to high entry costs and blockchain complexities.
• Both projects offer potential returns to investors, but InQubeta’s transparency and security make it an attractive investment option.

InQubeta: Democratizing Investments in Artificial Intelligence

InQubeta is a crypto project that offers fractional investment opportunities in artificial intelligence (AI) startups through its deflationary ERC-20 token, QUBE. The project aims to make investing more accessible by offering low entry costs and providing a secure platform for users. The QUBE presale has raised over $1.5 million and the value of the token has been steadily appreciating with each round. Additionally, InQubeta also plans to launch an NFT marketplace and academy as part of their roadmap for expansion.

Axie Infinity’s Struggle for Mainstream Adoption

Sky Mavis created the NFT-based game Axie Infinity and recently launched its card game on the Apple App Store in key regions with highest popularity. However, despite taking steps towards entering into mainstream market, Axie Infinity has failed to gain traction due to high entry costs for new players and blockchain complexities involved in managing digital assets on these platforms.

Transparency & Security Offered by Blockchain Technology

The transparency and security offered by blockchain technology are attractive features that appeal to investors looking at other crypto projects such as InQubeta. This adds another layer of security when investing via this platform which could be beneficial for long term returns when compared to other options available in the market currently without similar levels of protection or visibility over investments made.

Mass Adoption Still Out Of Reach For Axie Infinity

Despite being available on multiple platforms including Google Play store and Mavis Hub, Axie Infinity is still struggling to achieve mass adoption due mainly because of high barrier costs associated with getting into the game as well as complexities related to managing digital assets on blockchain networks which could limit potential returns from these investments even further if not addressed properly soon enough by developers behind this project or other similar initiatives looking for similar success stories moving forward soon enough too..

A Growing Opportunity For Investors With InQubeta

In contrast with Axie Infinity’s slow uptake among users, InQubeta offers an opportunity for investors due its transparent platform powered by blockchain technology combined with low entry costs making it possible for anyone interested in getting involved into this space quickly without major risks either financially or otherwise speaking when compared against more traditional methods used usually before today instead nowadays instead already..