Ethereum Wallets Now Operating As Smart Contracts: Get Ready for Advanced Features!

• Ethereum developers have launched a new software feature called EntryPoint that enables wallets to act as smart contracts.
• The new feature, known as account abstraction, allows wallets to handle complex tasks without user interaction with the underlying blockchain.
• The EntryPoint contract needs to be thoroughly audited and formally verified in order for account abstraction across various blockchain networks like Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and BNB Chain to be secure.

Ethereum Introduces EntryPoint

Ethereum (ETH) developers have announced the launch of a new software feature called EntryPoint. This feature allows wallet accounts to function as smart contracts, enabling users to benefit from advanced features such as automated payments and account recovery more quickly.

What is Account Abstraction?

Account abstraction is an optional feature offered by crypto wallet providers that enables wallets to handle complex tasks automatically without requiring users to interact with the underlying blockchain. It is designed to improve the user experience of crypto wallets and make them more accessible and intuitive.

EntryPoint Security Audit

After undergoing a comprehensive security audit by OpenZeppelin, EntryPoint was released on various blockchain networks including Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and BNB Chain. The safety of this architecture hinges on how securely it is implemented in the one contract – hence why it needs to be heavily audited and formally verified before use.

Smart Wallet Features

Entrypoint will enable account abstraction on all those ethereum-based protocols which will then allow wallet infrastructure providers to offer more options for smart wallet features such as native multi-signatures, account recovery and gas fee coverage for users.


The launch of Entrypoint marks a significant improvement in the usability of cryptocurrency wallets by making them more accessible and intuitive. This is made possible through its ability to enable smart contracts on wallet accounts which can facilitate automated payments, two-factor authentication recovery options and other advanced features that streamline user experience when handling cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.