Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has once again spoken out about Bitcoin. But the richest man on earth is not yet completely convinced.

As a tech entrepreneur, Elon Musk is actually predestined to become a Bitcoin enthusiast

Until now, however, the Tesla founder has never been clear about his stance on cryptocurrencies. But the tone is changing.

In a tweet, Ben Mezrich, author of “Bitcoin Billionaires,” probably referring to the recent price increases, writes that he will never again refuse to be paid in Bitcoin Blueprint review. It’s a stance Musk agrees with in a comment under Mezrich’s initial post. However, it gets interesting in the rest of the thread. There, Musk posts a comment that at least hints that the billionaire has already taken a deeper look at money in general.

What we call money is just a system that enables division of labor.What really matters is the production of goods and the provision of services. We should look at currencies from an information theory point of view. Whatever has the least error and the least latency will win.

Musk still undecided

Whether Musk is any closer to a bitcoin investment as a result, however, is questionable. In previous interviews, the entrepreneur, who was also involved in the founding of payment service provider PayPal, had expressed doubts about whether BTC could actually become the currency of the future.

The Bitcoin community has high expectations for Elon Musk. Because if the richest man on Earth makes a positive statement about Bitcoin, it would be a huge step for the legitimization of the cryptocurrency and would probably result in significant price movements.