MetaMask Warns of Fake Airdrop Claims: Stay Vigilant!

• MetaMask has warned its customers about “false rumors” about a non-existent airdrop that has been circulating on social media.
• The warnings were issued after Joe Lubin emphasized his company’s plans to decentralize MetaMask and distribute a token.
• There was a surge of interest in MetaMask following the reports of an airdrop back in November 2021.

MetaMask Warns About Fake Airdrop Claims

Operator of the web3 wallet known as MetaMask has warned its customers about “false rumors” regarding a non-existent airdrop that has been spreading on social media. They mentioned “quite a few false rumors” about an upcoming snapshot or airdrop taking place on March 31st, amidst controversies surrounding recent airdrops.

Rumors Triggered by Joe Lubin’s Speech

The new reports may be linked to the “fireside chat” session by ConsenSys CEO and Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin which took place on March 14th at ETHDenver 2023. During this session, he highlighted his company’s efforts to decentralize MetaMask and stated their plans to distribute tokens. This led to an increase in activity on Metamask due to people believing there would be an imminent airdrop.

Warning Against Fake Sites

MetaMask team issued the warning against false rumors and encouraged users to be aware of fake sites that may appear in the days ahead. They also reminded everyone that these rumors are not only false but dangerous as they provide opportunities for scammers and phishers who could take advantage of unsuspecting users.

Similar Surge Amidst Previous Airdrops

This is not the first time there is such an increase in interest surrounding MetaMask due to reports of an impending token distribution – it had occurred before during Ethereum Name Service’s (ENS) recent airdrops and later when Lubin made his announcement about tokens being distributed from his company.

MetaMask Launches Mobile V6 for Increased User Control & Privacy

Following these developments, MetaMask recently launched Mobile V6 for more user control and privacy – allowing individuals greater autonomy over their digital assets stored within their wallets or other smart contracts connected with them through dapps (decentralized apps).

Riot Platform Revamps to Survive Crypto Market, Hits 12.6 EH/s

• Riot Platform rebranded and removed “Blockchain” from its business name
• Riot Platforms collected $27.3 million in power credits in 2022
• By 2023, Riot anticipates to increase its hash rate capacity to 12.6 EH/s using 370 MW of electricity

Riot Platform Rebrands

Formerly known as Riot Blockchain, bitcoin infrastructure specialist Riot Platform is a publicly listed bitcoin mining and blockchain technology firm. After losing more than 60% of its value over the past year, Riot Platform rebranded as Riot Platforms and removed “Blockchain” from the business name.

2022 Financial Results

Rising bitcoin output and a full year of data center hosting and engineering revenues pushed Riot’s overall revenue in 2022 up to $259.2 million from $213.2 million the previous year. By bolstering the ERCOT infrastructure in Texas, the firm collected $27.3 million in power credits.

2023 Roadmap

The bitcoin miner plans to survive in the crypto market by expanding into related industries. By building up an infrastructure fit for an industrial scale and recruiting miners of the current generation, Riot Platform is increasing the size and quality of its mining operations. With the planned supply and deployment of more miners, Riot Platform anticipates increasing its currently deployed hash rate capacity of 4.6 EH/s (using roughly 136 MW of energy) to 12.6 EH/s by Q1 2023. An important aspect of Riot Platform’s strategy to expand its hash rate and infrastructure capacity is the purchase of modern mining hardware with over 116,150 cutting-edge S19 series miners aimed at amassing a staggering 12.6 EH/s in self-mining hash rate by end 2023 with around 370 MW used for electricity consumption .

Immersion Cooling Technology

The newest immersion-cooling technology will also be implemented by Riot platform which helps cool down their machines efficiently without needing additional electric fans or other cooling systems which reduces cost significantly while maintaining optimal performance levels at all times .


Overall, with this rebranding effort along with strong financial results coupled with their expansion plan including new modern hardware purchases , immersion cooling technology implementation , etc , we can expect this publically listed bitcoin mining firm to continue making great strides through out 2023 .

Arena Token Skyrockets 90% After $6M Investment Proposal

• ArenaDAO’s governance token, Arena (ARENA), experienced a 90% surge in the past 24 hours.
• Paradigm has proposed to purchase 150 million tokens or 15% of the total supply for $6 million USDC.
• Code4rena is an audit platform that organizes security contests and pays out guaranteed prizes.

Arena Token Surges 90% Amid Paradigm’s Investment Proposal

Price Surge

ArenaDAO’s governance token, arena (ARENA), experienced a significant surge in value, jumping 90% in the past 24 hours. This follows the opening of ArenaDAO’s vote to authorize Paradigm, a crypto native investment firm, to purchase 150 million tokens or 15% of the total supply for $6 million USDC. As of March 17, the fully diluted valuation of ARENA sits at $101.6 million, but at Paradigm’s purchase price, the token had a fully diluted valuation of $40 million. The token’s 24-hour volume is currently at roughly $100,100.

Working Capital for DAO

The proposed sale of $6 million to Paradigm will be used as working capital for the DAO to grow Code4rena. This audit platform organizes security contests for smart contracts and offers guaranteed payouts for audit contests. The vote will end on March 23 and thirteen addresses have voted unanimously so far to allow the DAO to sell its tokens to Paradigm. According to data from blockchain analytics company Nansen, the number of unique addresses holding ARENA has increased by 10% since Monday.

Paradigm’s Involvement with Code4rena

Paradigm’s hands-on approach to blockchain safety is highlighted through its involvement with Code4rena and its web3-focused security competition, Paradigm CTF. Last week, reports indicated that Paradigm had potentially over $5 billion funds held in custody by collapsed Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).

Increased Security Measures

In 2022, $3.8 billion was stolen from DeFi protocols in hacks which highlights how important it is improve security measures in order to protect users funds from hackers or malicious attackers .Code4rena’s leaderboard shows that 46 users earned more than $40K last year uncovering vulnerabilities which demonstrates why having an effective security audit system is essential within smart contracts projects

The author expressed excitement about having Paradigms expertise help Code4rena achieve its shared mission making web 3 ecosystem more secure .The proposed sale of 6M USDC will be use as a working capital for DAO grow code 4 rena .Since ArenaDAOs on chain voting period thirteen addresses have voted unanimously allowing them selling their tokens . Closes Asset Management Arm After Prolonged Crypto Winter

• Asset Management (BCAM) has suspended its operations due to the prolonged crypto winter.
• The firm launched the subsidiary in April 2022, but faced a rough patch shortly after with asset prices rapidly plummeting.
• made several milestones during the crypto winter, such as receiving registration in multiple countries and partnering with Visa to issue a crypto card in the US. Suspends Asset Management Arm, a crypto services company, is suspending operations of its asset management subsidiary due to the ongoing crypto winter which has lasted for over a year now. The London-based subsidiary was operational for less than a year and had applied to be removed from the United Kingdom companies register on March 5th this year without having filed its first annual account yet.

Asset Management Subsidiary Launched

The parent company of founded in 2011 opened their new asset management subsidiary shortly after receiving funding that increased its valuation to $14 billion on Terminal and potentially even more soon on web too. This arm was intended to manage portfolios using Blockchain technology and promised to offer regulated crypto investment products for institutional investors, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals when it launched in April 2022.

Crypto Winter Hits Crypto Industry Hard

Unfortunately, shortly after launch, the industry hit a rough patch with asset prices plummeting rapidly due to bankruptcy of crypto lender Celsius Network and other prominent firms within the space falling too at around this time last year leading into what is known as ‘crypto winter’ – an extended period of bearish market conditions across all markets related to cryptocurrency or blockchain technology investments or activities.

Milestones Achieved During Crypto Winter

Despite these trying times, Blockchain managed several milestones throughout 2022 such as receiving registration in multiple countries throughout 2022 including entering into custody agreement with Anchorage Bank & other trading platforms in June before partnering with Visa shortly afterwards to issue a crypto card in the United States by October last year – allowing users access funds through their Visa debit cards anywhere that accepts Visa cards worldwide while earning rewards points too!

Decision To Pause Institutional Product Operations

With no end seemingly approaching for this bear market conditions within the space just yet – BCAM has made business decisions recently such as letting go 28% of its workforce back in January before pausing its institutional product operations altogether now apparently citing these circumstances around cryptocurrencies being difficult currently for them hence making this decision necessary for them right now unfortunately!

Ethereum Wallets Now Operating As Smart Contracts: Get Ready for Advanced Features!

• Ethereum developers have launched a new software feature called EntryPoint that enables wallets to act as smart contracts.
• The new feature, known as account abstraction, allows wallets to handle complex tasks without user interaction with the underlying blockchain.
• The EntryPoint contract needs to be thoroughly audited and formally verified in order for account abstraction across various blockchain networks like Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and BNB Chain to be secure.

Ethereum Introduces EntryPoint

Ethereum (ETH) developers have announced the launch of a new software feature called EntryPoint. This feature allows wallet accounts to function as smart contracts, enabling users to benefit from advanced features such as automated payments and account recovery more quickly.

What is Account Abstraction?

Account abstraction is an optional feature offered by crypto wallet providers that enables wallets to handle complex tasks automatically without requiring users to interact with the underlying blockchain. It is designed to improve the user experience of crypto wallets and make them more accessible and intuitive.

EntryPoint Security Audit

After undergoing a comprehensive security audit by OpenZeppelin, EntryPoint was released on various blockchain networks including Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and BNB Chain. The safety of this architecture hinges on how securely it is implemented in the one contract – hence why it needs to be heavily audited and formally verified before use.

Smart Wallet Features

Entrypoint will enable account abstraction on all those ethereum-based protocols which will then allow wallet infrastructure providers to offer more options for smart wallet features such as native multi-signatures, account recovery and gas fee coverage for users.


The launch of Entrypoint marks a significant improvement in the usability of cryptocurrency wallets by making them more accessible and intuitive. This is made possible through its ability to enable smart contracts on wallet accounts which can facilitate automated payments, two-factor authentication recovery options and other advanced features that streamline user experience when handling cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

TRON Up 13.6% in 30 Days as Crypto Markets Trade Flat

• Tron’s native token, TRX, has seen a 13.6% increase in price over the past 30 days.
• Factors influencing the market performance of TRX include network development, market sentiment, and macroeconomic factors.
• The Tron network recently released a report on significant network changes which included an increase in burned TRX tokens.

Tron Network Token (TRX) Sees 13.6% Increase Over 30 Days

Crypto Markets Trade Flat as TRX Price Rises

The past month saw many cryptocurrencies experience upward price movements, with one of them being the Tron network’s native token TRX. According to data from CoinMarketCap, the coin rose by 13.6% in the last 30 days and is currently trading at $0.06902. This outperforms both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), which have lost their week’s gains and are now trading flatly on the markets.

Factors Influencing Market Performance of TRX

The prices of cryptocurrencies are frequently influenced by demand, supply, network development, market sentiment, and macroeconomic factors – all of which can influence how much a coin is worth to investors. Currently, according to CoinStats’ Fear and Greed Index for TRON’s market sentiment is 53 – placing it firmly in the “greed” category – while there has been an increase in token burning activity across the Tron blockchain that could lead to deflationary pressure on its overall value going forward.

Network Development & Network Changes Boost Price

To bolster its community and demonstrate its creators’ vibrancy, the Tron network has been working on new projects that could cause its overall value to rise further still; most recently releasing a report on significant network changes that included an impressive 15 billion burned TRX tokens that day alone!

Macroeconomic Factors Impact Performance

Finally, macroeconomic factors such as global news events like government regulations or restrictions can also influence how well any given cryptocurrency does; with investors taking into account these external events before deciding whether or not to buy or sell specific coins for their portfolio management strategies moving forward.

Conclusion: Long-Term Bullish Trend for TRX?

Overall it appears that despite some short-term corrections throughout this month so far – including those experienced by BTC and ETH – TRX has managed to remain above its January 25th level while maintaining positive gains throughout February so far; suggesting a long-term bullish trend may be forming when looking at this crypto asset’s performance over time!

FIL U Perpetual Contract Volume Surges to $4.92B – Investors Take Notice!

• The transaction volume of FIL U perpetual contracts reached $4.92 billion in the past 24 hours, an increase of 160%.
• The liquidation amount of FIL U contracts in the last 24 hours was 7.88 million and open interest for them is at $293 million.
• Filecoin (FIL) is trading at $8.49 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,525,364,923 and has a market cap of $3,3 billion.

Surge in Transaction Volume for FIL U Perpetual Contracts

In the past 24 hours, FIL U perpetual contracts recorded a substantial increase in transaction volume, reaching $4.92 billion. This surge in volume highlights the growing popularity of FIL U in the cryptocurrency market and investors are showing a growing interest in perpetual contracts offered by top crypto exchange platforms to benefit from market fluctuations without owning the underlying assets.

Open Interest & Liquidation Amount

The current open interest of the FIL contract is $293m and the liquidation amount reached 7.88m in the last 24 hours, indicating continued interest by traders. This trend reflects the expansion of product offerings by leading cryptocurrency exchanges and highlights the popularity of perpetual contracts in the investment community.

Price Increase

At the time of writing, the price of filecoin (FIL) is trading at $8.49 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,525,364,923 and has a market cap of $3,3 billion; representing a 2.70% price decline in the last 24 hours and a 72.90% price increase over seven days prior to this article’s publication date on February 20th 2023 at 12:07 pm by Samuel Mbaki Wanjiku Altcoins Share Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Share on Telegram Follow Us on Google News .

Continued Interest from Traders & Investors

The rising popularity of FIL U perpetual contracts is evident as traders look to capitalize on price movements; further bolstering its growth within cryptocurrency markets as well as generating significant interest from traders and investors alike who wish to benefit from rapid changes within cryptocurrencies since it offers an alternative way to gain exposure to financial markets without having direct ownership or custody over those assets itself — all while still being able to profit off them without needing to purchase them outright themselves first before doing so instead..


The recent surge in transaction volume and open interest for FIL U underscores its growth within cryptocurrency markets; demonstrating its potential as one out several viable options when looking into investing into digital currencies or taking advantage from their rapid changes that come with such investments too–all while still being able to profit off them without needing purchase them outright themselves first before doing so instead..

Bitcoin Billionaire Loses Crypto Stash to Romanian Police

• Andrew Tate, a British-American social media influencer and five-time world kickboxing champion, was arrested in Bucharest, Romania in December 2022 on charges including human trafficking, sexual assault and forming an organized criminal enterprise.
• During the arrest, Romanian police seized millions of dollars worth of luxury cars, homes and watches from Tate and his associates. Additionally, they seized hardware wallets with digital assets worth over a hundred thousand dollars inside.
• Tate has been vocal in praising cryptocurrencies as a hedge against inflation but whether or not this is driven by personal conviction or financial gain remains unknown.

Andrew Tate Arrested

In December 2022, Andrew Tate – British-American social media influencer and five-time world kickboxing champion – was arrested in Bucharest, Romania on charges including human trafficking, sexual assault and forming an organized criminal enterprise.

Seizure of Luxury Items & Digital Assets

During the arrest, Romanian police seized millions of dollars worth of luxury cars, homes and watches from Tate and his associates. Additionally, they seized hardware wallets containing digital assets worth over a hundred thousand dollars together – including five bitcoins (BTC) worth about $110k for Andrew and 16 bitcoins held by Tristan totaling to $465k.

Tate’s Praise for Cryptocurrencies

Tate has been vocal in praising cryptocurrencies as a hedge against inflation but whether or not this is driven by personal conviction or financial gain remains unknown. He has even gone so far as to exchange mutual back-patting with Michael Saylor CEO of MicroStrategy (#Fiat makes you weak #Bitcoin makes you strong).

Controversy Surrounding Crypto Usage

While it appears that Tate encourages crypto investment mainly BTC & ETH through his YouTube channel Altcoin Daily with over one million subscribers; Bruce Rivers’ January 2023 YouTube video suggest that he brags about using crypto to dodge taxes & making around $600K/month employing 75 sex workers. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) lists bitcoin payouts to performers as employment income thus requiring taxable payments but Tate seems insistent on being above the law.

Rakehell Characteristics?

In addition to being an online influencer who claims he can teach young men how to “stop being losers,” he also boasts about setting up a pornographic webcam business which further promotes negative stereotype associated him being rakehell character; cigar smoking supercar enthusiast who swears he can teach young men how to “stop being losers.”

Bitvavo Expects to Receive 80% of $300M Debt from DCG

• Bitvavo, a Dutch crypto trading network, announced that they have reached an in-principle deal with DCG to receive at least 80% of the debt owed to them.
• The settlement is expected to be made after developing the agreement between DCG and its creditors.
• In the agreement, the recovered amount should be paid in different forms, including cash, digital currency, and convertible preferred equity notes in Digital Currency Group.

Bitvavo Expects Payment from Digital Currency Group

Bitvavo, a famous Dutch crypto trading network, recently released a statement announcing that they expect to receive at least 80% of the debt owed to them by Digital Currency Group (DCG). According to reports, DCG currently owes Bitvavo around $300 million (280 million euros).

In-principle Agreement Reached

An in-principle agreement was reached between the duo for a recovery rate of between 80-100%. Earlier this year in January, it was reported that DCG proposed making only 70% payment to Bitvavo’s debt. However, this proposal was rejected as it was believed that DCG could make a full payment.

Details of Agreement

The new agreement states that the recovered amount should be paid in different forms such as cash, digital currency and convertible preferred equity notes in DCG. Details about the satisfactory in-principle agreement will be revealed today or tomorrow by DCG. The next phase involves working out details and signing off on them under Chapter 11 proceedings which will continue for weeks ahead.

Plan Support Agreement

Once complete, both parties will then work out Plan Support Agreement (PSA) from this deal which must be approved by UCC (“Unsecured Creditor Committee”) before being presented to bankruptcy court for ratification and execution of repayment process can commence.

Genesis Restructuring Deal

The deal with Bitvavo follows Genesis’ restructuring deal with Gemini exchange and other creditors where Genesis must either be sold or its equity turned over to creditors last year due to deaths of Celsius, Terra and others

Bitcoin soars 39% in January, Whales Shuffle 4,794 BTC

• Bitcoin (BTC) whale addresses engaged in the transfers of 4,794 BTC in two days.
• This comes on the heels of the asset’s impressive performance last month, which ended January with a 39% increase.
• Despite these recent movements, the percentage of BTC supply last active in at least a year reached a 1-month high of 66.8%.

Bitcoin Whales Shuffle 4,794 BTC

Bitcoin Whale Alerts highlighted massive transfers involving Coinbase, Bitfinex and Kraken addresses over the course of two days. The latest movement saw 949 BTC transferred from Kraken to BitFinex at 8:24 (UTC). Shortly before this, 3126 BTC were sent to Coinbase in two unequal transactions.

January Closes With 39% Increase

Despite starting January with baggage from 2021’s unpropitious market conditions, bitcoin saw an impressive performance by the end of last month with a 39% increase in value. This was due to positive sentiments created by encouraging CPI data on Jan 12th and subsequent influx of traders between 10th and 20th Jan that led to breakout from bears’ claws.

Long-term Holders Remain Low

In spite of these recent movements among Bitcoin whales, there has been little movement among long-term holders as indicated by 1-month high of 66.8% for percentage of BTC supply last active in at least a year today.

What Will February Bring?

As we enter February investors are curious to see where bitcoin will go next if it continues its bullish run or face another setback like it did during 2020’s bearish market conditions.


The shuffling of 4,794 BTC by Bitcoin whales coupled with bullish sentiments resulting from January’s closing indicate an optimistic start for this new year and only time will tell us what February brings along for crypto markets