Cardano Prepares for Voltaire Age with Key Ecosystem Improvements

• Cardano, a blockchain platform, announced recent ecosystem improvements in anticipation of the Voltaire age.
• The Conway ledger and CIP-1694 are two significant updates that have been implemented.
• Various teams are working on improvements to API, Plutus, Daedalus, Lace, Marlowe and Hydra.

Cardano Reveals Development Update Ahead of Voltaire Age

Cardano (ADA) has announced some recent ecosystem improvements in preparation for the arrival of its Voltaire age. This stage of cardano’s evolution is focused on creating an entirely decentralized decision-making system centered around CIP-1694, its first iteration of on-chain governance.

Ledger Team Updates

The Ledger team has made progress in fundamental technology with Plutus v3 support for Conway and changes to delegation certificates. Additionally, they have updated their application programming interface (API) and Haskell code documentation. To handle permitted dApp whitelisting, the Lace desktop development team has eliminated technological debt, enhanced packaging and unit testing capabilities and created new functionality.

Plutus & Adrestia Team Developments

The Plutus team maintained development on Marconi indexers & Plutus built-in functions while the Adrestia team responded to community input after the Lace launch. The Marlowe team then revised their report after undergoing a final audit and making minor adjustments to Isabelle specification. The Mithril & Hydra teams are also working towards scalability solutions by developing certifier services for aggregators & resolving a signer registration fault respectively.

Catalyst Fund & Price Data Updates

Due to API difficulties, Daedalus users were unable to access Catalyst fund data from their wallet; however, efforts were made to allow them to get ADA prices independently of CoinGecko API .

Community Workshops Encouraged

Cardano is encouraging community organizations worldwide to host their own governance workshops with funding provided by Cardano itself. Project Catalyst town halls and newsletters can be accessed regularly for updates on what’s happening within the project